Subsidy Eligibilty Calculator for Domestic Customer

Dear Customer, this calculator is for estimation purpose only. Actual subsidy depends on consumption and billing mentioned in your bill

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Important Notes:
1. As per GoNCTD order no. F.6/24/Power/2021/2447-59 date 23-Jun-2021, the Subsidy shall be applicable to Domestic Residential Customer only.
2. Subsidy shall not be applicable for following category of domestic customers:

(i) Place of Worship, School, Hospitals, Common Services- Lift, Lighting, water pump etc.

(ii) Staff Connection of DVB/DESU employees

(iii) Temporary Connections

(iv) Customer is found indulging in power theft at his connection

(v) Unmetered Connections

(vi) Customer listed under 4 (i) a ---[ii to x] of Delhi Electricity Supply Code and Performance Standards Regulations 2007.